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Buy Wood Handle Shaving Razor Online | Shaving Razor | Olfen Beauty

We at Olfen Beauty manufacture high-quality, and premium wood handles straight razors. From the sharpness of the blade to the polished wood, everything is premium. We have over 30 unique designs for wood handle straight razors. Each design is state of the art. The details that our craftsmen have provided in each wood handle straight shaving razor are unmatchable.

We have stylish as well as simple wood razors in our wardrobes waiting for you. The wood of each product is hand-crafted and detailed with love and care. The stainless edge blade will remain sharp for a long time. As our prime customers are barbers, we keep commercial usage of products in mind. Therefore, we make sure that our razors and their components last long. To avoid the hassle, we have installed great quality pivot pins so that you can close scales when you have done shaving.

Our sharp shaving products are manufactured to provide smooth and detailed shaves. As a barber, you can enhance your creative skills with our razors. You can select the ideal design and color that matches your shaving kit.

Browse our wooden straight razor catalog now. Get the best straight razor with a wooden handle and shave like a pro.