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Thinning Scissors

Thinning scissors for hair has two blades, one with teeth and the other without. These teeth are small ridges on the blade that tend to relieve extra weight, soften lines, and blend between parts by easily removing the hair in even parts.

Thinning Scissors Are Safe

Although there is still space for mistakes, our experts agree that thinning shears are safe to use at home if used properly. Since thinning shears have a smoother point than hair-cutting scissors, you’re less likely to damage yourself or hack off pieces of hair by mistake.

Our thinning shears are the perfect way of adding texture, structure, and design to your client’s hair, and they come in a variety of sizes, offering flexibility and easy-to-use styles for all stylists.

Perfect For Beginners

These shears are a perfect choice for beginners who want to mix a clipped haircut. Applying perfect, soft texture to your hair will feel effortless thanks to the 30 teeth on this shear when used properly.

They’re also perfect for softening the fringe and mixing fine hair and blunt edges. When spending a bit more money, make sure that a warranty is provided to ensure that your tools are covered.

Hair thinning scissors from leading professional labels such as Jaguar, Tondeo, Osaka, Yasaka, and Lotus are available in our range, with options to suit all budgets.

Olfen Beauty is now selling the best hairdressing scissors online.

Ideal For Dense Hair

Even if these shears can only be used on incredibly dense, heavy hair, they must be handled with great care. To give yourself the best chance of using this sort of shear at home, meet with your stylist and get their approval on how and where to use it to best support your strands for a lighter fall.

Once you’ve perfected the use of thinning shears for hair, find the one that better fits your needs and upgrade to something more upscale.

Now is the perfect time to buy hair thinning shears online with Olfen Beauty and take advantage of our low rates and free UK shipping services.