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Important hairdressing equipment

Since Olfen Beauty know how important professional hair cutting shears are for good hair cutting, they offer a wide range of scissors. Therefore at Olfen Beauty, you would find an extensive array in every shape and colour.

Exceptional quality

Even average hairdressing requires at least 1000 times of blade opening and closing, therefore Olfen Beauty has made sure their scissors meet the strict quality standards. To enhance the ease of haircutting, Olfen Beauty has made sure their scissors are as relaxing to fingers as possible.

Our scissors are meticulously created by giving regards to quality. Furthermore, we also make sure that our all scissors are made out of stainless steel. Therefore the sharpness and hardness of our scissors blade are second to none. The abrasion resistance and high resistance to corrosion further make them the ideal partners of every hairstylist out there.

Immaculate shape

To make sure our professional barber scissors are serving their purpose perfectly, we put great effort into their shape. The clamped-shaped blades of our scissors are first hardened and then annealed in an absolute vacuum setting. Shears by Olfen Beauty are modern equipment that offers unrivalled craftsmanship.

Get these high-quality shears

Our world-famous scissors are here to give precision cutting. So grab them from our website and trim like a pro!