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Take Off Jewellery Easily

You might need to take a ring off someone’s finger on the event, whether you’re a licensed jeweler or an emergency worker. Using Esslinger-dot-new com’s electric driven ring cutter instead of wasting time and resources with a conventional finger ring cutter.

High-Quality Products

Olfen Beauty manufactures all of its products to a very strict and meticulous degree. All of our products bear the Olfen Beauty stamp of approval, ensuring that you are purchasing a product manufactured to international specifications, well-presented in our branded packaging, and reasonably priced.

Traditional finger ring cutter tool is more difficult to use than broad ring cutting pliers. The sleek blade guard and broad thumbpiece of these easy-to-use pliers allow for accurate force and command when cutting. The handles are softly curved and made completely of stainless steel. The turning handle is wide for fast cutting, and the blade is a generous 1-3/16″ (30.3mm) in diameter. Blades are made of hardened steel.

You can easily find each and every ring cutting tool at Olfen Beauty. The best part is you can get it delivered to your doorstep in a matter of no time.

Jewelers are skilled at extracting rings from swollen fingers and fixing rings. Because of its one strong cutting skill, it is a must for medical and emergency services. The blade guard is smooth and has a one-piece safety lever with a thumb-plate that helps you adjust the blade’s level of strain. When withdrawing a ring from the finger, the protection lever slips under the ring to shield the finger from the razor-sharp curved saw.

Olfen Beauty offers the finest collection of ring cutters in the United States of America. We are known for providing the best quality and highly durable products.

Get your hand on the ring cutter tool from Olfen Beauty now!