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Cuticle Scissors by Olfen Beauty

In manicure and pedicure, few instruments are needed to provide the perfect end result that you want. At Olfen Beauty, you can find a number of such instruments including our own cuticle scissors, manicure scissors, nail cutters, cuticle pushers, and many more.

Our cuticle scissors have been directly sourced and tested as part of the Olfen Beauty product range since using standard handled scissors can be complicated. These scissors are designed to scrape hangnails and cuticles instead of old nippers, which can be rough and cause serious damage. These scissors are one-of-a-kind in the nail industry, with unrivaled blade sharpness for a flawless finish. These scissors have the following features:

  • Built for cuticle jobs and clipping hangnails.
  • The blade is straight to match the outline of the cuticle.
  • The handle is comfortable to grip and offers a steady movement for precise cutting.
  • Blades that are fine, sharp, and formed to provide accurate and flawless cuts without tearing.
  • Made of surgical-grade Japanese stainless steel that has been chromium-plated to avoid rusting.
  • Both left and right-handed engineers can use it.

The most important question that many people ask is when should they use these cuticle scissors and what type of blades are on these scissors. Our cuticle scissors use straight blades that are used to cut straight lines. Cuticle scissors are used to cut a perfect line, such as when cutting nail art or relief cuts that must be straight to produce the desired shape closure. They leave a cleaner finishing and look.

We hope you use our best cuticle scissors to the fullest, and we make sure to do our best as maintaining them is important for their longevity. We’ve included few pointers below to help you get the best out of your cuticle scissor.

  • Just appropriate for the intended use.
  • Never, ever, ever cut living tissue.
  • Since cutting paper blunts scissors, use separate pairs for form tailoring and cuticle work.
  • Keep it in the box. If the blades are dropped, they can become blunt. When dealing with sharp tools, please take precautions and adhere to all precautionary measures.

We care about the environment and want to help eliminate the use of unnecessary plastic wrapping so we hope you like our wrapping as much as we do and will put it to good use. If not, all of our tools come in paper packaging that is environmentally friendly.

At Olfen Beauty, you can find a range of cuticle scissors that will cater to your needs. We have cuticle scissors with plastic handles too that will make you use them easily without doing any damage to your fingers and thumb. We have fancy cuticle scissors too with straight blades and one with a round tip on the top of the blades. These cuticle scissors are designed to look stylish and elegant and provide you a great-handy feeling.

The thing that we ensure to our customers is that all of our cuticle scissors are made of authentic materials and can be delivered to you at the best rates that you will find somewhere else. You should not worry about the authenticity of our products because, at Olfen Beauty, we make sure that our customers get the most genuine products.