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Best Professional Hairdressing Shears in 2021

Want a perfectly accurate cut from a pair of professional shears? When shopping for the right barber scissors, you can look for razor-sharp tips, ease, and a range of blades to fit your cutting style. Knowing what size and type of hair scissors to use ensures a perfect cut and reduces hand exhaustion.

You don’t need to pay a huge amount of money to buy a decent pair of shears, whether you’re new to the field of hairdressing or only starting as a barber, this guide will take you through the best professional barber scissors.

Matsui shears

This company has been producing high-quality shears since 1998, and you can find them in most barbershops and salons nowadays, mainly if the hairdresser prefers sharp Japanese shears. These shears are breathtaking on the side, thanks to rose gold hues or even pink gold designs.


Yasaka is a well-known brand of precision hairstylist shears manufactured in Japan. This is a well-known shear brand that makes all of its scissors out of Japanese steel. You’ll get a seamless cut every time, thanks to smart technology that produces sleek designs and sharp blades. This brand is also famous for being a little cheaper than other Japanese-made shears.

Joewell shears

The Joewell shears label has come a long way from its inception in 1917. Their business has always strived to make the finest shear possible, and they only partner with experienced barbers and hairstylists. This ensures that their projects consider issues that hairdressers face, such as hand fatigue and nickel skin allergies.  Many of their items are protected by a lifetime warranty, meaning you won’t have to worry about these scissors breaking or rusting. They’re made of 440C steel and AT-314 steel and are incredibly well made.

Mosher Salon Shears

These shears, recognized as a more economical brand of Japanese steel, aren’t as good quality as some of the others on the list, but they’re worth noting if you’re looking for the best shear for the least amount of money. Mosher’s packages come with a range of knives, and the bulk of their scissors are durable. Older models can be a little bulky, so read consumer feedback before making a purchase. That being said, with most of their goods selling under $50, it’s tough to top their appeal.

Washi Shears

The Washi brand is well-recognized in Japan, but it is still well-known in the barbering industry. Stylists use these shears because they are exceptionally well-made. They still offer outstanding customer support and have a range of new items in the works each year. Their most recent collection has a revolutionary anti-push edge that makes it much easier to melt into hair for specific cuts that take no time at all. You’ll certainly want more than one in your barbershop arsenal thanks to their lightweight nature and exclusive blades.

There are long and short hair shears, as well as beveled and convex blades, but learning all of your choices when picking a pair of shears is critical. Among the first things you can do is determine the right size for your hand and compare various scissors’ characteristicse style of haircut you like.

Which Is The Ideal Shaer For You?

The size of your shears has a big impact on how you cut. If you’re  cutting hair and experiencing discomfort, such as RSI or carpal tunnel, it’s possible that you’re using the wrong size shears.

The length of your shears is determined by measuring from the blade’s very tip to the end of the widest finger hole.

Take a pair of scissors and put them in the palm of your hand to determine your height. The tip of the blade should be a little below the top joint of your middle finger, and the finger hole should be just at the base of your thumb.

Types Of Hair Scissors

For experts, there are a number of shears available. While the bulk of blades are built for precise cuts and trims, others are made to enhance texture or thin down extra thick hair.

Straight Scissors

This is the most famous shear you’ll come across on the market. This are the scissors that most hairdressers and barbers take help from while cutting hair. It’s a good idea to have two sets of these on hand, one with short blades and the other with long blades.

Thinning Scissors

When you’re dealing for a customer who has heavy hair, you might want to thin it out. This is an important method for barbers because it aids in the development of some of today’s new hairstyles for men. There should be two kinds of thinning scissors in your collection. These are available in a variety of tooth counts. The one with 28 teeth is ideal for texturizing dense hair and giving it a contemporary appearance.

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