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Types Of Must-Have Hairdressing Scissors You Need In Your Kit

It can be a confusing experience for all the new aspiring hairdressers to master the art of hair-cutting. The dilemma arises when they have to buy a pair of scissors for their kit. There are so many tools available and it’s difficult to choose from the wide pool of available options. To make your quest easier, the expert hair scissors manufacturers have compiled this guide for you to make your journey easier.

Types Of Hairdressing Scissors

It has taken decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the hair industry experts to create the perfect type of scissors required for a perfect haircut. New hairdressers are often misled by the marketing techniques of hair-cutting scissors suppliers and they end up buying unnecessary tools. To help you out, here’s a list of the essential haircutting scissors that deserve a spot in your kit.

Short-Bladed Scissors

An important aspect to consider while buying hairdressing scissors is the length of the blades. Short-bladed scissors can be used by hairdressers with smaller hands. They are lightweight, provide better control, and reduce hand fatigue.

The ideal size for most hair cutting techniques is 4-5.5 inches. This length of scissors is optimum for cutting ladies’ hair and is helpful for a variety of techniques such as detailing and slicing.

Long-Bladed Scissors

Hair-dressing techniques like scissoring over the comb have a particular requirement: the scissors need to cover a large surface area to cut off a portion in one snip. The long blades of scissors ensure that the cut is even and there are no crooked edges. 6-7 inches long blade scissors are recommended for blunt cutting techniques to produce a straight line cut.

Wide-Tooth Thinner Scissors

This type of scissors is made with a small number of teeth that you should definitely have in your kit. They are designed for thinning chunks of hair. Due to the small number of teeth, a large amount of hair can be cut in a single snip. It will save you time and also provide a higher degree of precision.

Blending & Texturizing Scissors

One of the biggest problems that new hairdressers encounter is that while cutting off hair with a regular pair of scissors, they often cut more than intended. To prevent this mistake, thinner scissors should be used in your technique. The greater number of teeth in texturizing scissors thin out hair slowly and don’t cut off more than what’s desired. You will also have better control, firmer grip, and much precision while texturizing fine hair.

Swivel Scissors

Doing the same task over and over again for several hours can create a lot of tension and strain in your hands and wrists. Regular hair-cutting scissors trap your thumb in the same position, which can be really painful after a point and you’re bound to make mistakes after that. Swivel scissors are a great solution to relieve all that pressure. They have a rotating thumb ring that offers flexibility, better handling, and control. The ring also ensures your regular hand movement and allows freedom to move your hand as you desire. This will prevent straining and pressure, ultimately reducing the pain, and allowing you a smooth and comfortable hair-cutting experience.

With that said, now you don’t have to wander around looking for the perfect pair of scissors for your kit. Just browse through our fabulous range of products available at Olfen Beauty and the rest of our premium collections. Our fantastic range of hair-cutting scissors will surely enhance your work as a hairstylist!

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