Why Hair Thinning Scissors Are Important And How Can You Use Them?

Hair Thinning Scissors is one of the most incredible hairdressing tools that effectively add texture and remove extra unwanted waterweight from your hair.

From what they are, how to use them, what are the popular misconceptions about them and whether it is worth buying them or not, here is a brief guide about hair thinning scissors.

What are hair-thinning scissors?

To put it as simply as possible, hair-thinning scissors are the type of scissors that have one blade with teeth and one blade without them. Now if you take a closer look at the blade with teeth, you would find some evenly distributed tiny grooves.

While hair thinning shears are not the same as regular scissors, both of them remove extra hair density without changing the texture and the shape of the hair. However, hair thinning shears do a much better job at removing the weight from the hair and adding extra volume to them.

What are the common misconceptions about thinning scissors?

A lot of people believe that hair thinning scissors are the tools used by amateurs. Although this is true to some extent as it indeed makes it easier for a hairstylist to achieve immaculate cuts, reducing hair thinning scissors to just alternative tools is not fair.

The fact of the matter is, no matter how professional a hairdresser you are, some haircuts can only be achieved via hair thinning scissors. You cannot possibly use regular scissors for every haircut. Even if you try to do your best, you would waste an incredible amount of time and yet would not get the kind of finish you are after. So, rather than wasting your energy snipping away your hair with the wrong pair of scissors, get these best hairdressing scissors and enjoy flawless cuts.

Another popular misconception that even some hairdressers have is that hair-thinning scissors should only be used for curly hair. Although with curly hair one needs more hair weight, they are not the only hair type that needs professional hair thinning. Also, hair thinning scissors are used in layers, because if these shears are used on the ends of hair, they can damage the ends and cause them to curl.

How do hair thinning scissors work?

There is a reason why thinning shears have regularly spaced grooves. The grooves on these shears are there so you can cut less hair. Furthermore, by applying other types of techniques with hair thinning scissors, you can achieve various fun haircuts.

If a hairstylist is using thinning shears on really thick hair, their aim would be to reduce the overwhelming density of hair. On the other hand, if the scissors are being used on already light hair, their purpose is to soften the edges without altering the natural shape of the hair.

How can you choose hair-thinning scissors?

According to the thumb rule, the more grooves or teeth there are in hair thinning shears, the more amazing, and detailed cuts it would produce. While cutting thick or dense hair, it is advisable to use a pair of scissors with lesser teeth. That is because, in these hair types, more weight needs to be removed.

However, if you are using thinning shears on someone with less hair volume, it is best to prefer more sophisticated or finer scissors.  Doing so would ensure a more gorgeous haircut because, with light hair, you cannot afford to ruin the volume. So, shears with more teeth would be best suited.

We hope reading this blog has given you the basic idea of hair thinning scissors and why you should use them. To get the best hair thinning shears, visit our website today!

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