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A brief Hairdresser’s guide to scissor selection

Whether you are an expert in the hairdressing business or you have just started it, you would be needing scissors to tame every kinds of locks. Your shear’s quality would determine everything about your business. So if you seriously want to move forward with your hairdressing business, invest in the Best Hairdressing Scissors!

A lot of the people, including the ones that are expert in the hairdressing business, believe that they can make the regular kitchen scissors work as their hairdressing scissors. Although one can cut hair with any sharp pair of blades, you are strongly recommended not to.  That is because while cutting the hair the hairstylist requires to have absolute grip over their tool or, so they can turn and twist as they please.

Professional hair styling scissors are not only light in weight, they are super sharp at cut and ergonomic in shape. There is also an extensive range of shapes and sizes.

Since a hairstylist does not deal with one hair type, scissors also come in a variety of blades. Although most hairdressing scissors have classic straight blades, if your client has relatively thicker and dense hair it is better to opt for Hair thinning scissors. 

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What are thinning scissors?

Thinning scissors are basically a pair of scissors that have a comb-like cutting edge on the blades, so you can use them to soften the hair by alleviating the weighty hair section. In addition, to softening, thinning shears for hair also help to make your hair look more uniform and even.

However, with so many emerging companies selling professional hair styling scissors, it is getting harder to select the shears that serve all the right purpose. So, how can you choose the right shears?

 Fortunately, in this blog, we have a guide for you, so read on.

  1. How to know if your pair of scissors would last you long?

Good quality or well-manufactured scissors can stay with you for as long as two decades!

Therefore before making a purchase make sure, all the components of the shears are perfectly attached and there are no significant gaps and loose nuts. If you know someone who is an experienced shopper, make sure to take their advice. That is because they would know if the manufacturers have put state-of-the-art components or made the scissors by attaching some flimsy objects.

In addition to buying a good pair of scissors, you also need to take good care of them. So always wipe the blades after every use and make sure you clean the blades not just from the outside but completely from the insides as well.

 If there is a significant stain that does not seem to budge by wiping, instead of giving up, you should buy a different cleaning agent to get rid of it. Try putting some oil on the blade as it usually does wonders with stubborn stains. Vinegar is another excellent cleaning agent, so soak a piece of clothing in vinegar and rub it across the blades.

If the tension screw has started to give you trouble, there is no need to worry, because it is normal for screws to get loose after some time and extensive use. To tighten the loose nuts, all you need to have is a screwdriver. However, while using a screwdriver, refrain to put extra exertion or you might end up damaging the screw.

Another thing that you ought to make sure is that your scissors are not being used on anything else than hair because otherwise, you would be shrinking the lifespan of your freshly bought scissors.

The best quality hair cutting and hairdressing scissors

Since, no matter how well-structured scissors might seem and no matter how well they are taken care of, if they are not the pair you need, you would not be getting much benefit out of them.

So, here are some of the amazing pair of scissors, every hairstylist should buy.

  1. Antique Handle Hairdressing Scissors

This one of the classic shears that are specifically designed to offer ultimate ease. No matter how little experience you have with hair cutting, with the Antique Handle Hairdressing Scissors, you would have a solid grip over your tool and it would enable you to do a brilliant hair cutting job.

  • Barber Scissors Plastic Handles

This is another wonderful tool for hair cutting as the manufacturers have made sure that every component in the making of these scissors is of top-notch quality. The plastic handle further offers you the comfort your fingers would need while cutting hair. Furthermore, the tension is beyond excellent, therefore these shears would last you years on end. We hope, you find this brief guide to your utmost advantage. If you are a hairstylist who is curious to find out more about scissors and other tools, visit our website for we offer everything you are looking for.

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