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Three Must-Have Nail Grooming Tools

Prepping your nails, and taking good care of them hold paramount importance because they help to avoid painful problems like jagged edges and hangnails.

Besides, personal hygiene taking proper care of your nails offer a lot many benefits. Since, cleaning one’s nails not just require you to use a good hand wash, one cannot expect to give their nails the right attention if they do not know the right tools.

Besides, washing, cutting and filing the pointy edges of your nails, in this blog we would talk about everything you require to give your nails the attention they rightfully deserve.

A. Nail Nippers

Nail Nippers are one of the major nail prepping tools, that everyone must possess because otherwise, you would not be able to give your nails the shape you envy by looking at gorgeous nails.

However, you should be selective about your nail nipper, because a mediocre quality nipper would never come close to providing an excellent performance.

The nipper should hard and strong because its blades are compressed against each other. Good quality nippers do not need a cutting board, therefore the only solution is to use the best quality steel and with immaculate sharpness.

Nail nippers that are not strong enough or the nippers with dulled blades can form an ugly crack on your nails and can even break them completely. Take a look at some of the key features a nail nipper has:

  • It should be small.
  • It should be compact.
  • It should be readily available.
  • It should not cost you a fortune.
  • It should be familiar to your use.

What should you look for while buying a nail nipper?

Other than the aforementioned characteristics, here are a few things that you should look at every time you go out to buy a nail nipper.

  1. Check the tension

Before buying any nail nipper tool, always remember to squeeze it and check the flex resistance. If the flex is too great while you squeeze the tool, there might be a chance that this crushing action would affect badly on the blades of your instrument.

  1. Make sure there is no gap

Another thing, that you need to be mindful of is that each sharpened edge of your scissors should be met and gently closed.  This is essential as the nippers that have gaps, cannot completely cut and or even tip or tear your nail.

  1. There should not be any overlapping

Prior to buying, your nail nippers tool, check it by closing it. Make sure you do not feel and overlap and the nipper is gliding over your fingertip in a vertical position. Another thing that you should check is that there is no double-click feel when the nipper gets compressed. The double-clicking is usually produced because one blade slides over the top of another blade and this signifies not only the manufacturing fault but also that the nail nipper was either subjected to over or underbite.

B.  Cuticle nail scissors

Generally, in any regular manicure set, the cuticle nail scissors are the widest and the longest equipment. The nail scissors are imperative because they provide a flawless shearing cut without causing much damage to the nail.

 In any clear sharp shearing cut, the sharp edges would barely touch each other and it is only the flat side of the blade that would come across the opposite side of the scissors. This also implies that the sharpened edge would touch the nail only.

Although, there is a risk that cuticle nail scissors would start hurting you after a while, if you are taking good care of it and using it properly, there is nothing to worry about as there is hardly any danger.

What should you look for while getting Cuticle nail scissors?

There are a few things everyone needs to be mindful of while buying cuticle nail scissors.

  1. Rounded off from edges

To make sure you would have a firm grip over the cuticle nail scissors, you sould check closely at the shank and make sure if they are not overtly rounded or asymmetrically rounded. The two halves of cuticle scissors should perfectly be matched and should be perfectly shaped.  Furthermore, you should also see if the finish and the shape of the screw are matching the handle of the curve.

  1. Check the sound

Have you ever been annoyed by the sound of scissors?

If so then you are familiar with an unpleasant rough and hitched sound. This type of sound only comes with either a pair of scissor that has been overused or scissors that are poorly engineered. Well-crafted and a good pair of cuticle nail scissor are characterized by smooth, gentle and almost melodic sound.

  1. Check how it feels

The blade of good cuticle scissors is supposed to glide like a dream on the flat side. However, if you are feeling grindy while using it, be very careful, since scissors like these can rip or bend your nail. Such cuticle nail scissors are usually too tight and they are likely to get dull more readily. That is why you hear that vexing grinding noise.

C. Toenail nippers

This is another fantastic tool for nail care. If you have relatively thicker and stringer toenails, these speciality nippers would help you shape with unbelievable ease. The toenail nippers have a super short and super sharp blade attached to long shanks to give you extra leverage.

Other than these three essential pieces of equipment, there are a lot more such as nail slicers, cuticle pushers etc. Fortunately, we at Olfen Beauty provide all of the manicure tools and much more so make sure to pay our website a visit.

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