How Are Tweezers Being Used Nowadays

How Are Tweezers Being Used Nowadays

Tweezers are great to have in handy. You don’t realize the importance of one until you lose yours. They may just be one of the most underrated beauty tools out there. It’s likely that you have at least one pair stuffed deep inside your makeup drawer. Well, now it is time for you to take it out or buy a new one to make the most out of them.

There are quite a few ways you can make use of tweezers, whether you own a salon or just for your general beauty routine. With a few tips and tricks, it can help perfect your beauty look. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate the use of tweezers in your salon or beauty routine.

Pluck Off Brow Hair

We are all aware of the most common use of eyebrow tweezers, which is plucking off your eyebrows.  It can help get rid of any pesky eyebrow hair. Even if you get a professional eyebrow wax or threading from a salon, there is still the tiniest bit of hair left behind. Most salons use tweezers to get rid of small hair particles that are left behind. You can also use the tweezers at home to pluck off any stray hairs so that your eyebrows can stay on fleek all day, every day.

Apply False Lashes

False lashes can be intimidating to apply. Even if you think about applying them, you usually back off, thinking that they may be too hard to apply. This is where tweezers come in handy, as they make the process of applying false lashes much more effortless. Many salons prefer using professional eyelash tweezers rather than fingers to apply false lashes on their clients. It helps them get a precise and foolproof application without ruining their client’s makeup.

You can also use these tweezers at home to practice the application of false eyelashes. It’s easier to get used to, resulting in you taking less time to learn the technique. Once you learn the technique, you will eventually become a pro in applying false lashes at home without ruining your makeup.

Apply Lash Extensions

The standard of beauty is ever-evolving, and just recently, eyelash extensions have become extremely popular. Many salons offer these services to their clientele who wish to have thicker, fuller eyelashes. During the process, they use eyelash tweezers to place individual hairs on your lashes to make them fluttery. These tweezers help them place the tiny hair particles with accuracy and precision. In the process of lash extensions, special tweezers are also used to hold your natural eyelashes apart while the hair is being placed on your lash line.

These new and different services are also evolving the use of tweezers; a tool that was first used to pluck out stray hair is now being used to apply lash extensions.

Helps In Nail Art

Regular nail polishes just won’t do nowadays. Adding fancy and cute details to your manicure or pedicure helps take it to another level. Salons use tweezers to achieve precise and intricate designs on your nails with the help of pointy ends that can help draw the designs accurately. If you want to add gems or other details to your manicure, that is also added with the help of tweezers.

You can also use these tweezers at home for a quick, easy but trendy manicure.

These are just some of the ways a tweezer is used on an everyday basis, be it in salons or at home.

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