Buyer’s Guide To Pick Right Hairdressing Scissors

A Buyer’s Guide To Pick Right Hairdressing Scissors In 2021

 Are you searching for a professional hair scissor for your salon?

Are you having trouble deciding what to look for in professional shears and what to overlook in them?

Either way, you have come to the right place!

We have virtually scoured the internet to find you the ideal pair of barber scissors in 2021. So waste no more time and read on to discover what types of scissors will help you hone your craft.

Haircutting shears versus Hairdressing scissors

Although people commonly use the terms haircutting scissors and hairdressing scissors interchangeably, there are some glaring differences between the two.

If you are a hairdresser by profession, you should know that professional hairdresser scissors are quite different from standard haircutting scissors.

In other words, they are a much more refined version of regular shears. Hairdressing scissors are designed to help you accomplish precise and clean-cut. Plus, they can be used for extended periods. That is because these shears are built to last you ages.

So buy hairdressing scissors and cut to your heart’s content, and they won’t stop snipping!

What are the types of Hairdressing shears?

Since the hairdressing business is growing with time, there has been a significant evolution in hairdressing shears.

Unfortunately, if you are new to the business, you might find the options too overwhelming.

To make it easier to grasp, we have divided hairdressing scissors into the following types:

  1. Regular hairdressing shears
  2. Hair thinning shears
  3. Texturizing shears

Given the ever-booming hairdressing business, professional hairdressing has been subjected to further classification. Primarily, the classification is based on the type of blade and the size of shears.

Distinguishing based on blade

The majority of the hairdressing shears are either made with a beveled edge or convex blade.

The inside of the blades is usually hollow ground, making the blades cut sharply. These are super versatile scissors, and so they are ideal for almost all kinds of hairstyles.

Some scissors have beveled edge blades, and unlike regular convex blades, these have micro serrations on either one side of the blade or both. This unique structure makes these blades hold the hair nice and tight.

These blades are famous for lasting longer than other kinds of blades. Plus, they do not require sharpening as much as other blades do.

The manufacturers of these blades have indeed given attention to detail in their production. Since these blades are used for relatively faster cuts, they are made lighter by mixing different metals.

Although these blades can provide you with faster sniping, they are not your ideal companions when it comes to complex hair cuts.

Difference in Handles

Hairdressing scissors also come with an extensive range of different handles. Although each handle is designed to offer grip and comfort, some hairdressing shears are more ergonomic than others.

Primarily, there are four various types of handles, so let’s talk about them.

Offset Handle

As the name suggests, a pair of scissors with an offset handle has one handle longer than the other. These shears are perfectly designed to put less strain on your hands.

Level Handle

These handles have both sides symmetrical and even.

Crane Handle

This handle looks quite similar to offset. However, it has an additional unique curve to fit perfectly in the user’s hand.

Swivel Handle

Scissors with swivel handles have one of the hoops on a screw, so you can smoothly use them.

Although they are super comfortable to use, one requires some time to get the hang of these.

Once hairdressers know how to use shears with swivel handles, they usually do not go back to other handles!

So which scissors would you swear by?

We hope this guide could help you pick your next favorite pair of hairdressing scissors. For more information, visit Olfen Beauty.


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