Guide To Using Straight Razors

The Ultimate Guide To Using Straight Razors

Razors hold immense significance among cosmetic tools. It helps to remove the hair perfectly without any inconvenience. It is necessary to follow the correct method of using razors to avoid any cuts and bruises.

If you are new to shaving and want to get it right in the first go, make sure to know the basics of using a razor. First, try to select the type of razor that you want. After that, you can follow the instructions to shave properly.

Let’s look at the two most important steps that can help you to use straight razors.

Gather the essential items

It is necessary to make sure that you have all the essential items before you start shaving. These essential elements include the following:

  • A straight razor
  • A leather strop to keep your razor clean and sharp.
  • A soap or shaving cream to keep your skin moisturized.
  • A shaving brush to create lather that helps the razor to move on your skin smoothly.

All these necessary items above make shaving easy and deliver quality results.

Hold the razor in the right direction

An important step in shaving is to hold the razor in an accurate direction. Without the proper angle, it will be difficult to shave. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the correct way of holding the razor.

Make sure that your index finger is on the shoulder of the razor while keeping your thumb on its heel. That way, the rest of the fingers will rest on the tang of the razor.

Now, place the handle of the razor upside and keep your smallest finger between the tail and the handle of the razor.

Holding the razor in the position defined above will ensure to shave safety without putting cuts on the skin.

Tips To Shave Efficiently With Straight Razors:

The following tips can help you shave with straight razors effectively.

  • If you hold the razor at an angle of 30 degrees, it will allow you to remove your hair more efficiently.
  • Try to make slow strokes, along with applying a little pressure on the razor. It will make the process more convenient.
  • Start shaving from your cheeks and use the other hand to pull your skin in the upward direction. Repeat the process until you get done with one side of your face.
  • Make sure to prep your face before shaving.

Preparing your face for shaving is essential. It will prevent the chances of harming your face while shaving. Although the barber razors manufacturers develop razors that are easy to use and handle, it is vital to take extra measures.

Let’s look at the following points that are necessary for prepping your face before shaving.

  • Preferably wash your face with hot water, and do not dry it. This step will make the shaving process easier.
  • Use soap or shampoo to clean your beard and remove any natural oils from it.
  • Before using a shaving brush, dip it into the hot water and apply it to your beard.
  • Cover the area where you want to shave with shaving cream or soap by using a shaving brush.

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