Mistakes To Avoid While Shaving

Mistakes To Avoid While Shaving

Shaving razors manufacturers ensure precision in razors for safe and clean cuts but despite that cuts, nicks and rashes are some common situations noticed post-shaving. Especially in women, the skin is thinner and more sensitive and requires extra care.

We may be using razors for years but despite that, we may be struggling with ingrown hair, itching and redness after each shaving session. There’s a reason behind that. Certain mistakes are commonly done by women while shaving that result in these conditions. Here we mention them to save you from any more trouble:

Not Lathering Before Shaving

Even the sound of shaving on dry skin sounds teeth-clenching. Strawberry legs filled with tiny red bumps is not something anyone wants, so avoid doing this mistake. When you shave dry, there is no lubricant to help the razor blades glide across your skin smoothly, creating resistance. This results in tugging and pulling of hair and eventually skin reactions like razor burns and skin irritation. Suppliers of shaving razors sometimes make razors with a tiny moisturizing strip, which provides smooth mobility when shaving with water. So use water in case you are out of shaving cream, but shaving dry is not recommended.

Overusing Disposable Razors

When shaving daily, do not keep using the same razor for more than a week. When a razor is used longer than it is supposed to, the blades become dull and start catching rust. This leads to the transfer of bacteria and eventually causes infections. Razor bumps, red patches and cuts are a few other things that may be developed with consistent use of an old razor.

Shaving In The Opposite Direction

Gliding your razor in the direction opposite to your hair growth can result in pain and even bleeding in some cases. The skin where your hair arises is slightly tapered and will get caught in razor blades when shaved in the opposite direction.

Ingrown hair is the most common condition developed due to this practice, as the blunt tip of the hair doesn’t go up and out but grows right back into the inner layer of skin. However, if it is absolutely necessary to shave in the opposite direction, take some precautions and apply a gel or serum on the skin.

Skipping Exfoliation

An exfoliating cream, polish or other product should be applied onto the skin before shaving. This helps remove the dead skin cells that gather on the top layer over time. Removing them before shaving helps reduce the chances of skin rashes or bumps. Additionally, it helps in the smooth sliding of the razor across your skin. Most exfoliating products are also moisturizing, which will provide an additional defense against risk when shaving.

Not Moisturizing Afterwards

It is advised to moisturize right after a shave when the skin is still damp. This avoids evaporation of transepidermal water and instead locks it in. After shaving, the skin is sensitive and prone to irritation, but moisturizing will provide calming effects. It will not let your skin get over dried and hence prevent inflammation. A moisturizing lotion or body oil can be applied for this purpose.

Shaving is an easy, quick and safe method of hair removal. However, some mistakes should be avoided to extract maximum benefit without causing any harm to your skin. A little bit of investment can lead to smooth, flawless skin free of hair. Olfen Beauty is the best shaving razor manufacturers in the US as well as in other regions of the world. Check us out to buy quality products customized to your needs.

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