Two Easiest Methods To Shape Eyebrows At Home

One thing that women cannot deal with is unkempt eyebrows. Messy and untidy eyebrows can ruin the entire appearance of your face, and your makeup has zero chances of looking flawless. Perfectly shaped and neat eyebrows call for a salon appointment every once a week. Regular trips to the salon can be extremely tiring and bothersome. Have you ever considered shaping your eyebrows at home? Sure, it sounds a little intimidating, but the process is pretty easy with the right set of instructions. Here’s how you can shape your eyebrows at home in two ways.

Tweezing At Home

Tweezing might sound painful and challenging, but all you need to do is be careful and use the best eyebrow tweezer. Just follow these steps for perfectly tweezed eyebrows.

  • Clean Your Skin

The most important thing to do before you begin tweezing your eyebrows is to have clean skin. Wash your face and dry it completely.

  • Remember The Natural Shape

Many women forget their natural eyebrow shape while tweezing their eyebrows, which leads to an unsatisfactory result. Remember your natural brow shape, and do not try shaping it into something entirely new. You are not a brow artist, and your job is just to shape your eyebrows. Your aim is to clean up the stray hair for a neat finish. Start with the bottom and pluck the hair out in the direction of hair growth otherwise, there are chances of ingrown hair.

The top of the brow can be called a dangerous zone. You must be very cautious while plucking from the top area. Any fast movements and you will lose your natural arch shape.

  • Hold Tight And Go Slow

To ensure that your skin is taut, pull it tightly. Grab your eyebrow tweezer and go very slow. Slow movement and a firm hold will make the process much easier and a lot less painful. If you tweeze too fast, you might end up breaking the hair instead of pulling it out from the roots.

  • Hydrate Your Skin

If you experience any redness or sting in your eyebrows, make sure to keep them hydrated with a moisturizer. After you are done tweezing, wipe your brows clean and apply a lightweight oil to nourish the skin.

Waxing At Home

If you have a lot of growth around your eyebrows then tweezing is not the right option for you. Consider waxing your eyebrows for a quick and easy finish.

  • Hard Wax Or Sugar Wax

If you are a beginner at waxing yourself, stick to hard wax or sugar wax only. They are more convenient, relaxing for the skin, and also easy to clean up in case of a mishap.

  • Clean & Powdered Skin

Before you begin waxing your eyebrows, wash your face to get rid of any dirt and sweat. After you wash your face, dry it completely, and then move on to powdering it. The powder will absorb any extra moisture, which will allow the wax to grab the hair better.

  • Correct Application Techniques

You need to be very careful while applying the wax. Make sure it’s not too hot as it can burn your skin. Apply the wax along the direction of your hair growth. If you are using hard wax, apply a thicker coat. Allow it to harden, then use one hand for pulling your skin taut and the other hand to pull off the strip. Make sure you pull the strip opposite to the direction of hair growth.

  • Soothe Your Skin

Once you are done waxing, moisturize your skin on the waxed area. Moisturizing will help calm inflamed skin and hydrate it. You can use a facial oil or a water-based moisturizer.

These were the two easiest at-home methods of shaping your eyebrows. Are you in search of the best tweezers for eyebrows? Head over to Olfen Beauty for amazing deals.

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