What Are Tweezers & Why Are They Important

Keeping your appearance maintained is one of the biggest concerns for women nowadays. They like keeping themselves well-kept and looking presentable, and it is one of their biggest priorities. At Olfen Beauty, we have a wide range of self-care products such as eyebrow tweezers, pedicure kits, and other products like hair shears in multicolor and pet grooming shears.

Why Do You Need Tweezers?

Outward appearances have a lot to do with keeping your eyebrows maintained and well kept, as one of the first things a person notices when looking at an individual is their face and brows. It is one of the most important factors in the framing of your face and mostly what people notice the first time they look at you. That’s where tweezers come in to play an important role.

Why Is Tweezing Important?

Keeping your eyebrows kept can be a big hassle, considering how you might need to run to a professional as soon as they start growing. Daily runs to the salon within such a short time span can get tiresome. In some cases, it is also quite impossible if you are away on vacation or have a hectic schedule. So tweezers can help you out a lot to keep your brows maintained.

How To Use Tweezers On Your Own

Tweezing your own eyebrows might feel intimidating and scary, but if you follow the right set of instructions, it is one of the easiest things to do. You need to know your brow shape well, and what brow shape frames your face perfectly. This basic knowledge can help immensely in the process.

Start With Clean And Moisturized Skin

Start with a clean face and right after washing it. Make sure to use a moisturizer on the area you plan on tweezing out hair. This is to ensure that you don’t rip out your skin in the process.

Follow Your Natural Brow Shape

Follow your brow shape and use the best tweezers out there to go according to it.

Do not experiment with new techniques or try to make a different shape than the brow shape you already have.

Our motive here is to give ourselves a neat look without leaving any stray hair behind.

Start from the bottom and pluck the hair out in the direction in which your hair grows. If you don’t, then the chances are that you might end up getting ingrown hair, which is something we don’t want. Be careful as you go along the shape of your natural brows, and don’t try to make it into a different shape because we aren’t professionals. Make sure that you do not end up messing with your natural brow shape while you’re at it. Also, be very careful because any fast movement can lead to plucking out skin instead of the hair.

Trust The Process

You need to take your time during this entire process because eyebrows frame your face and impact the overall look and appearance. Go slow and invest your time in the process.

Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows, and don’t experiment. Leave the experimenting to the professionals.

The Aftermath

After you’re done tweezing, make sure you clean off all the excess hair away and make sure that the area you’ve been working on is hydrated and moisturized. Any sort of redness will eventually fade over time as tweezing can irritate your skin.

Trust the process and know which tools are the best out there for you to keep your eyebrows kept and well maintained.

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