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Why Should You Get Ring Cutters And What Should You Look For Before Buying A Ring Cutter?

There are a few instruments that people often see but never know why they should buy them. The top of the list of those enigmatic instruments is ring cutters.

Just as the name suggests, ring cutters are primarily used to cut the ring that is stuck on one’s finger. Although rings can be removed by using lubricant or string, sometimes removing a ring by such techniques is not an option. Therefore one has to take a ring cutting tool and cut the ring off your finger.

In this blog, we would explain how you can remove a ring by using this incredible tool. So, let’s get started!

Why are ring cutters useful?

After you have unsuccessfully tried to remove a ring by using all the home remedies and DIYs from the internet, it is time to leave the non-destructive methods. Especially if the ring stuck on your finger has started to cause severe pain, trauma, or infection. However, cutting the ring of one’s finger is not as simple as it might have seemed, so it is best to seek professional help from medical staff or jewelry makers.

Although ring cutting equipment is incredibly useful when all the non-destructive remedies fail to work, unfortunately, most ring cutters are cheaply manufactured and not befitting to work. So, while buying a ring cutting tool, one should only trust a reputable name such as Olfen Beauty.

Especially if you are a professional jewelry maker, you should keep in mind a few things before purchasing any ring cutter.

  1. The build

For starters, ring cutting equipment should have a very specific build, because it is used for a very specific task i.e. cutting the ring. You should make sure that the ring cutter has a small stature and is hand-held, just like a miniature hobby saw or air-actuated rotary tool.

The small size of ring cutters does not mean that they should lack power or substance. The fact of the matter is, the rotatory part of the ring cutting tool should possess a capacity to interchange the blades. This is also essential when you are supposed to cut through the materials.

  1.  Comfortable usage

Since shaky hands, while cutting a ring off someone’s hands can wreak bloody havoc, it is crucial for ring cutting equipment to feel comfortable on hands. Moreover,  practice is very important and effective to remove a ring.

  1.  It should be sterilizable

Since ring cutting tools are applied to various people, they must have the ability to bear the steam, detergent, or any antiseptic like hydrogen peroxide. So, before purchasing a ring cutter, read the description and look for  “ability to sterilize”.

Is there any other way to cut the ring?

Although you can also get electrically charged ring cutting equipment, they are not always helpful, because we cannot find power outlets everywhere.  Also while cutting a ring off a finger, navigating a cord may only increase the stress level. So it is best to be a little conventional with ring cutting tools.

Besides mechanical and electrical ring cutters, people also use other tools like jeweler’s saw and cutting pliers. However, in all such cases, the person wearing the ring has to be given extra protection.

Providing extra protection and security is incumbent because the poor individual is likely to panic and make the situation worse by moving their finger amidst cutting. The protection in such cases can come in multiple forms, be it, a piece of plastic, a strip from an old credit card, or just a regular spoon. Any sort of eyewear must also be worn by ring-cutting equipment using this method.

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