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How To Take Care Of Your Hair Scissors

Haircutting shears, often known as haircutting scissors, are a cosmetologist’s lifeline. A haircutting professional would be unable to execute his or her work without shears.

Shears may appear to people who aren’t in the haircutting or barbering professions to be nothing more than a set of strange-looking scissors. On the other hand, shears are a significant investment because they are created expressly for hair cutting. It’s critical to look after your shears if you want to get the ideal cut and get the most out of your investment.

Tips for Maintaining Shears

Cleaning and sanitizing your haircutting shears regularly is a professional best practice. This will not only assist preserve the shears in good working order and extend their life, but several states also mandate it for sanitary reasons. To keep professional hair scissors in good working order, you must clean them often and store them properly.

1. Be Careful When Handling Shears

Haircutting shears should be handled with care and gentleness throughout the day. Throwing the shears down forcefully on the counter or dumping them on the floor might disrupt the blades’ alignment and weaken the cutting edge. If the scissors are broken or nicked due to being dropped, they must be serviced and repaired.

It’s also critical that you don’t allow anybody else to use your shears. Haircutting shears are quite costly and are made for a specific function. They should not be used regularly. Never cut wrapping paper or open a bag of chips with your shears.

2. Adequate Haircutting Shears Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfecting haircutting shears should be done regularly. The scissors must be cleaned and sanitized between customers in most of these processes. Furthermore, during the same haircut, wipe the shears clean to prevent hair fragments and sweat from the hair stylist’s or barber’s hands from interfering with the scissor’s cutting function.

3. Properly Store Your Shears

After cleaning, drying, sanitizing, and oiling, haircutting shears should be maintained in a way that protects them and keeps them dry. This will extend their usable life and ensure that they operate well. After cleaning, sanitizing, and protecting your shears, place them in a protective case with a soft, absorbent liner to protect them from moisture and environmental elements.

4. Keep Shears Sharp and With the Right Tension

Not only must the blades be sharp, but they must also be simple and comfortable to use. The correct handling and cutting abilities of scissors can be harmed by a pair of hair cutting shears with too loose or too tight tension.

Damaged blades and increased stress on the hands might result from too little tension in the scissors. Loose tension scissors will cause strands of hair to bend rather than cut, resulting in a bad haircut. It is critical to have haircutting shears sharpened and maintained by a competent shear sharpener or sharpening firm when they get dull.

The haircutting shears will be sharpened correctly by a professional, using tools and procedures that will not harm the scissors.

5. Use Haircutting Shears for Hair Only

Hairstylists and barbers understand that their haircutting scissors are solely for cutting hair. Family members, friends, and clients, on the other hand, may have a different perspective. A customer could want to borrow your shears to open an envelope or snip a loose thread off their sweater, but this might harm the scissors.

While there isn’t much difference between a strand of hair, a piece of paper, and a strand of polyester to the inexperienced sight, hair is thicker and more textured than fabric and paper. Hair is made up of tiny protein strands that are linked together. When haircutting shears are used to cut anything other than hair, the blades quickly grow dull and thrown out of alignment.

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