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A Brief Introduction To Pet Grooming Shears

If you are foreign to the idea of pet grooming, it is much likely that you have various questions about it. Conversely to how the term sounds, pet grooming does not imply a luxury spa date with your pet. Instead, it is a practice to take your pet to a professional to get rid of excessive hair.

Although people usually take their pets to pet grooming salons, it is now risky to leave your home, given the pandemic in the air. Hence, many pet owners are interested in buying pet grooming shears.

There are many types of professional hair-cutting scissors for you and your pet. For instance, hair thinning scissors, curved scissors, straight scissors, and the list go on. That said, you would be surprised to know that there are also many types of pet grooming scissors.

Why should you get pet grooming scissors?

Besides dodging pandemics’ perils, there are many reasons why one should buy pet grooming scissors for their furry friends. Take a look at some of the ones we have collected:

  1. It helps to strengthen your bond with your pet.
  2. Saves you a lot of money, as pet grooming sessions are usually overpriced.
  3. It helps the pet owner command their pet’s appearance, as it helps them recognize which cutting looks best on their pets.

However, doing pet grooming all by yourself is not always full of perks. Primarily, that is because no matter how efficient an individual you are, you lack the expertise of a professional groomer.

Since grooming your pet is not just an aesthetic choice, it has a massive impact on your pet’s happiness and health. Therefore, here are some of the essential tools to help you with your pet grooming session at home.

Types of pet grooming scissors

Pet grooming shear with the probe on the tip

This is a well-balanced pair of scissors that could allow you to groom your pet’s hair with exceptional ease. Since comfort is essential for amateur groomers, you should start pet grooming by purchasing these shears from Olfen Beauty. The durability, style and comfort, these scissors offer all.

This efficient tool is beneficial to help your furry friend get rid of its matt and dense fur. The best thing about these is that they have a probe or rounded tip. Thus, you won’t be worrying about poking your pet while giving it a grooming session.

Offset handle pet grooming shear with a curved blade

Just as the name suggests, these curved blade shears are designed to help you produce curves on the surface of your pet. They also help the groomer to add perfect finishes in the curved areas of their furry friends. Therefore these shears are ideal for places such as ribcages, heads, legs, back leg angulation, and feet.

If you have ever tried trimming your pet’s fur with regular or straight scissors, you must have an idea of how strenuous it is to trim the hair from limbs and other curved body parts. Even if you try to invert the shears, there is a risk of taking off too much of your animal’s coat.

Although you might think that getting shorter blades would offer better precision for hair cuts, the best-curved scissors usually have longer blades. That is because longer blades can cut longer hair regions and make you move faster through the fur.

In addition to these shears mentioned above, there are so many excellent scissors for pet grooming.

Wondering where to get these wondrous grooming tools from?

Abandon your worries, as we, at Olfen Beauty, not only have a diverse range of shears for your furry friend, but we also have excellent hairstyling scissors for you. So be it thinning shears for hair that you could use for yourself or curved blade scissors that could be used for your pet, we have it all!


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