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Here Is What You Need To Know Before Buying Scissors For You And Your Pet

Since there are so many kinds of professional haircut scissors, one finds themselves spoiled for choice while shopping for them. Thus, we have decided to write this blog and help you learn some tricks to buy the hair cutting tools worth your money.

What are the best scissor blades?

There are three significant blades, straight blades, curved blades, and hair thinning blades in terms of shapes.

Straight-bladed scissors

Straight-bladed scissors, as you might have guessed, are the most common ones in the market. In addition to being extremely accessible, these shears are also the most convenient to use. Therefore if you are an amateur hairstylist or groomer, straight blades are your perfect bet.

Although shears with straight blades are found in many sizes, only a professional should use scissors that are longer than 7.5 inches. That is because the longer the scissors are, the more prone you are to make mistakes with them.

Curved-bladed scissors

Although shears with curved blades are commonly used for pet grooming, some companies have them for humans. Whether you are buying curve-bladed scissors for you or your pet, you would find them convenient to work with.

Curved shears are especially helpful for dog grooming because dog fur barely ever grows straight. Not to mention, there are lots of curved surfaces on your dog’s body. Thus trimming the hair from complicated body parts of your dog has been made much easier by curved shears.

Thus, curved-bladed scissors are highly recommended for aspiring pet groomers. If you are also new to pet grooming, get curved scissors for cutting hair, and we can assure you that once you get used to curve-bladed scissors, you would not want to go back to any other shears.

Hair thinning shears

Just like curved-bladed scissors, thinning shears can be used on humans and pets. However, conversely to curved-blades, these are more common for cutting human hair.

Whether you are using hair thinning shears on yourself or your animal, you would find these shears most helpful because these tools can prevent you from cutting too much of the hair.

These shears are curated to cut the hair only from the spaces that are densely populated in hair. As a result, it is easy for you to achieve a very forgiving and non-obvious trim.

Besides all the perks, there is one caution for using hair thinnings, i.e., keep them from far from your and your pet’s skin. That is because hair thinning shears have teeth, which could grind into the skin and cause considerable damage. With that being said, you should not be afraid to use game-changing tools. Fortunately, you can easily prevent the potential danger of using thinning scissors with a bit of present-mindedness.

Here are some other reasons why you should buy hair thinning scissors:

  1. They help you fix chunks of hair that might be preventing you from styling your hair.
  2. They help you trim through the complicated areas, eyebrows, and ears.
  3. They help to elevate the texture of your hair.

Can you use Thinning shears on pets?

Although hair thinning scissors are primarily made for styling human hair, you can use them for pet grooming.

Since pets tend to move a lot during grooming sessions, it is frightening to trim your pet’s fur per se. However, by snipping only the dense hair regions, thinning shears can make grooming tasks a lot less challenging for you.

While using the hair-thinning scissors on pets, you would be required to open and close the scissors multiple times. This exercise helps you to cut into the undesired matt off your furry friend’s surface.

We hope reading this blog has been a great learning experience for you. If you are interested in buying the most efficient hair tools, check out our product section on hairdressing and pet grooming shears.

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