Thinning scissors for hair

All That You Need To Know About Thinning Scissors

Thinning scissors for hair have one blade with teeth and the other without any teeth. The purpose of the teeth is to take the even section of hair to soften the lines in between and blend the sections.

A lot of regular people and even some hairstylists use hair thinning shears like normal haircut scissors, therefore they would even use them for building the shape. However, one should only and only use them to decorate the shape or enhance it further.

Smaller teeth VS Wider teeth

There are many types of thinning shears, some are used to alleviate the chunky weight while the others are strictly used to give finishing. Some of them have teeth that are much wide apart, but the others have teeth that are a lot closer together.

In other words, the number of teeth and the in-between distance determines the role of the shear. One with narrower teeth are used for blending and softening the blunt lines, therefore the narrower the teeth are, the easier it would be for you to remove the weight and even out your hair. Scissors with wider teeth are used to take the unnecessary weight.

Although both types of scissors come in handy in hairstyling, a lot of the hair experts advise against using the shears with wider teeth, as the chunkier the scissors are the more aggressive the hair cut is likely to be.

Can you use hair these at home?

Although there is always room for error, most hairstylists do not find anything wrong with using these thinning tools at home. Since these types of scissors have a softer edge, you can easily use them without hurting yourself. However, if you are doing it at home, you need to extra mindful of some precautionary measures.

Given below are some of the necessary precaution you should take while using these scissors at home:

  1. Select the right hair section

One needs to be very meticulous about the section of the hair they want to cut. Select the hair section that you think needs more lift and movement.  If you are aiming to get rid of extra weight, it is preferable for you to use the shears on the mid-lengths to the ends.

  1. Determine the part of hair you want to cut

One must refrain from overusing the thinning shears because it can lead to multiple problems including, wrong hair direction and poor hair texture. If not used accurately, thinning shears can even create holes in the hair.

  1. Know your hair type first

Not every hair has the same texture and body, that is why you cannot expect every hair to be dealt with in the same way. The thicker bodied hair or medium hair can be benefitted from hair thinning shears, however, using them on hair that is already thin would just make the hair brittle or weak.

Can you the these at home?

Now that you have become familiar with necessary precautionary measures,  here is a small guide to use this tool accurately at home:

Using for finer hair

  • Always remember to dry the hair.
  • Try the scissor over comb method in-between the distinctive length points.
  • Once you started the cutting, slowly graze your way up and out with your comb and the scissors. Always make sure that the flat edge of your shear is on the bottom and the teeth are at the top of your grip.

How can you use them to remove the weight?

Start with combing your hair and remove any tangles that could be a problem.

  • Take a section of one inch from your hair and place it between your pointer and middle finger.
  • Now take the scissors an inch from the length and try to angle them towards the direction of your hair growth. Every snip should feel like gliding your comb through the hair, so whenever you make a cut, make sure it is smoothly gliding through the ends.
  • To remove more weight, start your first snip with an inch higher from the entire length of your hair.

The best hair thinning shears

  1. JP Hair Thinning Scissors

These incredible shears are made to provide seamless texture and since they are made from pure stainless steel, they would give you a clean cut. Furthermore, the ergonomic grip of these scissors would make it much easier for you to glide through your hair with unparalleled ease.

  1. One-Sided Hair Thinning Scissors

This tool is designed to give you a nice and soft finish at the ends.  Moreover, they are also the safest pair of scissors, so you would get the strands that are more of a relaxed style.

Other than these two, there are many other types of thinning shears. Fortunately, Olfen Beauty offers every thinning scissor you need for your hair to always look perfect.

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