Lasher’s Guide to the Top 6 Extension Tweezers

A Lasher’s Guide To the Top 6 Extension Tweezers

No matter how many state-of-the-art lash tools you have in your salon, you cannot provide the lashes your clients crave if you are not equipped with Professional Eyelash Tweezer. There is no artistic vision of technique that could make up the lost pair of tweezers.

Thereby, we have put together this guide entailing all types of professional tweezers. So if you are interested in educating yourself regarding the subject, stick to this blog.

Applicator Tweezer

We will start with the most basic type of tweezer, i.e., Applicator Tweezer.

Applicator Tweezer are long with narrow tapered ends. Typically they are used as ferocious eyelash pluckers, but his tool can also be in many ways.

It resembles a typical tweezer, and the tips of these tweezers are precisely aligned to ensure the user’s firmest grip.

Axe Tip Tweezer

These kinds of tweezers are your go-to lash tool.  As a professional lash expert, these will help you in isolating the client’s natural lash. Thereby, these tools are perfect for preventing any clumpiness.

Although these tools look very similar to Applicator Tweezer lash tweezers, they tend to have a sudden curve. This curve usually tapers to a single point.

Chisel Tip Tweezer

If you are a professional who likes to do things in one swift, you must be on the lookout for a versatile tweezer. If this is the case, Chisel Tip Tweezer might be the tool for you.

These tweezers have a short base that allows you to have a firm grip. This design also makes it easy for you to pick up multiple lashes and achieve voluminous lashes simultaneously.

Moreover, if you want a pair of tweezers to do classic lashing, these tools can become handy.

Bird Beak Point Tweezer

These tweezers are also super versatile. They have a pointed edge, and they can help you pick the right volume or lay down some classic lash style.

Bird Beak Point tweezers are slightly curved with angled tips.

A Type Heavy Duty with Axe Tips Tweezer

If your goal is to create an eye-catching voluminous eyelash look, consider A Type Heavy Duty with Axe Tips Tweezer your best companion.

These tweezers are also called J-tweezers. Primarily, that is because of their shape. They tend to have a more gradual curve towards the tip side.

The purpose of these tweezers is to provide precision and to create extra room for volume. Besides precision, these tools are excellent to offer the right amount of resistance. As a result, they will help you integrate exceptional thickness to the lashes.

A Type Strong Curved Tweezer

When it comes to volume eyelash extensions, one requires firm control over the equipment. This is where these tweezers come for your rescue. They tend to have a sharp curve at the tip, and in many ways, they resemble the letter L.

Style the lashes with maximum comfort!

Although there are many eyelash tweezers in the market now, these were only six professional tweezers.

However, you should only buy the ones that will stick with you through thick and thin. To buy such a loyal pair of tweezers, you would need some time to search through your options and check the product’s quality. Furthermore, you should see if the tweezers feel right in your fingers.

As no matter how precise a tweezer is, you would not be able to use it if it hurts your fingers.

At Olfen Beauty, the lash tweezers and other grooming tools are made with both comfort and quality. So if you are searching for the perfect pair of tweezers online, search through Olfen Beauty’s product categories.


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