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Best Tweezers To Pluck Your Eyebrows

Eyebrow tweezing can be a difficult task. With so many options available, it’s hard to pick out the best eyebrow tweezer for yourself. All the different shaped tweezers are used to achieve different eyebrow shapes. For instance, you cannot use the same set of tweezers for ingrown hair and tiny wispy hair. Picking the right one for you is not an easy task. Today, we will help you explore different shapes of available tweezers with different applications to make your search easy!

Pointed Tip

The pointed tip tweezers for eyebrows are perfect for achieving extreme precision. You can easily pick out single hair with these tweezers. They are great for thick and short hair that won’t come out quickly. Ingrown hair can also be tough to deal with. With a pointed tip tweezer, you can easily pluck them out. One thing that you need to be careful of is the sharp ends of a pointed tip tweezer. The tip is too sharp to pierce through the skin if you are not cautious with it.

Straight Tip

Straight tip tweezers are best for the time when your eyebrows have not been attended to in a while, and you are running short on time. They can pick several hairs at a time and are a quick fix for unruly eyebrows. Unlike the pointed tip, you don’t have to spend a lot of time. They are great for thick and stubborn hair, as they have a tight grip. The chances of you piercing your skin are also very low since the flat tip is not as sharp.

Rounded Tip

If you don’t pay much attention to doing things and aren’t cautious, the rounded tip is the perfect fit for you. These are the safest tweezers to use because they are hardly sharp as compared to the pointed tip. This type is perfect for beginners who have just begun tweezing. Although the finish is not as neat and will not help you get rid of the ingrown, it’s the best option for when you are in a hurry.

Slanted Tip

A slanted tip tweezer is probably the most common and popular type of tweezer. It’s pointed at one edge and straight on the other. This makes a hybrid sort of tweezer that can be used for two jobs and proves to be a fantastic all-rounder. If your eyebrows just require some neat finishing and aren’t unruly, then a slanted tip tweezer just might be perfect for you!

Wide Grip

Regular tweezers can usually be hard to grip. Wide grip tweezers come in a variety of shapes. The idea behind this is to provide more room for grip that will enable more comfort and control. This is perfect for people who tend to be messy and lack precision. A wide grip tweezer can help you build your tweezing skills.

Pointed Slant

A pointed slant is sort of a combination between a pointed tweezer and a slanted tweezer. The slant is more severe and will pluck out hair easily. The pointed end is not as sharp as the regular pointed tip tweezer, but it will still give you enough precision to get rid of fine hairs as well as ingrown splinters.

Hopefully, now you have sufficient knowledge about different tweezers that will make tweezing much easier for you. It’s a difficult thing to get the hang of, so it’s okay to take your time. Just remember to invest in good-quality eyebrow tweezers. Our face should not be subjected to any sort of experiments. To ensure good quality and affordable rates, head over to Olfen Beauty to get your hands on a wide range of beauty and self-care products.

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