Common Mistakes Done By Barbers

Common Mistakes Done By Barbers

People dread changing their barbers because of the risks it can bring. There are so many people pursuing mastery in haircutting and barbering. A prerequisite to earning respect and recognition in this business is connecting with a good barber razors manufacturer and getting quality products to use on your clients.

In order to avoid these mistakes, some factors need to be considered and taken care of. The first step would be to change the conventional attitude of considering this field a no-need-for-practice kind. To make things clear, we’ve put together a list of the common mistakes most barbers are guilty of making.

Disregarding Client’s Preferences

In any business, the first priority is the satisfaction of the client. When a customer walks in, barbers often do not talk to them to get an idea about their expectations and preferences. Communicate with your client, give attention to detail and listen closely when the client communicates their requirements.

Try to match closely to what they asked for. If, for any reason, the exact goal can not be met, offer them alternatives and take their advice about any changes. When you listen to your client, they will respect your suggestions as well. So after listening, give your professional advice about what would suit them the best.

Not Noticing The Direction Of Hair

Before holding the scissors and chopping off the client’s hair, barbers should closely observe the direction of the hair. A lot of professionals skip this step, which leads to unsatisfactory results and displeased customers.

Clients with curly hair are generally a little more challenging as it is difficult to identify the direction of their hair. However, a closer inspection can help in the identification. When cutting hair really low, the direction of the cut will be visible and so it is recommended to be careful.

Inappropriate Use Of Thinning Shears

One of the common mistakes that barbers are seen making is the use of thinning shears for the purpose of hair thinning. While it may sound like the right choice, it is not. Creating texture and diffusion is the main function of thinning shears. Make sure you are not using them at the roots of your client’s hair but towards the ends for optimal results.

Mistakes with Fade Cut

Fade is one of the haircuts barbers usually get asked for. However, some tricks and techniques are to be followed to get it right. Barbers often go too high when trimming the sides, which results in a forced fade look. Some barbers often end up cutting more around the crown of the end than required, even though the fade cut is supposed to give short sides and a longer center length. Additionally, going short on the scalp is another common mistake that requires continuous practice for perfect results.

Wrong Use Of Combs

In order to make the customer’s hair lay flat, barbers make the mistake of using regular combs. This only makes the job harder than it should be. Flat brushes have dense bristles, through which they easily and reliably create tension. The barber and the client both will remain unsatisfied if a flat brush is used.

Leaving Too Much Hair

Barbers that enter the business initially tend to make the mistake of leaving too much hair on the top of the client’s head. It is essential to trim sufficiently and add texture to the hair with your technique. One should be able to see the weight of the hair and a sharp body at the top of the hair after a haircut.


So if you are new in the business and are nervous to take the first step, do not be afraid and try to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes. Equip yourself with quality hair-cutting instruments like scissors and barber razors. Olfen Beauty is a barber razors manufacturer in the USA, which specializes in making good quality barbering products performing an efficient function.

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